Host Your Own Contest!


Yes indeed, instead of just participating, you can now host your own Academy Awards predicting contest here at OscarWorld, and link to it from your website! Now your group or web site membership can all participate in your own version of the Academy Awards contest that we typically run here at OscarWorld, but will remain independent to your own group. You can specify your contest as a private contest, where we do not publicize the address, only you publicize it to your members. Or open the contest up to the public and let anyone in ... you provide the prizes, the promotion, whatever. We only charge a one time setup fee of $19.95, and then you can have as many or as few people as you want in your contest. Looking to have an office pool for your workplace? This would be a perfect opportunity.

Please read all the details below, and then if you're interested, go ahead and sign up today and get your contest created today!

COST: $19.95 one time initial fee


What You Get
Complete administrative control over your contest, with the ability to remove or edit participants as needed ... a special administrative section will give you access to information about your contest participants, access to logs to track your contest's activity, and more!

Control to specify your contest as private or public, allowing you the option of keeping your group exclusive if you wish and not open to the general public

Your own URL for your contest, which can also link back to your website, making the transition seamless from your website to the contest application, and back

Your participants get to see live results of your contest as the Oscars take place, just like participants in The OscarWorld Open!

Use of our predicting contest internet system, and powered by one of the most reliable databases available!

Complete technical support for your contest's operation from OscarWorld.Net

So if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, simply start filling in the form to the right, submit your initial payment via a PayPal payment, and your own contest will be ready to go! It's fast and simple to get your contest set up, and if you ever have any technical problems or questions, feel free to contact Jason O'Brien at


1. The Name For Your Contest:

2. If you have a website which you'd like the contest to link back to, put the complete URL here (including the http://):

3. Primary Administrator's Name:

4. Primary Administrator's Address:

Zip Code:
5. Primary Administrator E-mail Address:

6. Secondary Administrator's Name (just leave blank if there is no second administrator):

7. Secondary Administrator's Address (leave blank if no second administrator):

Zip Code:
8. Secondary Administrator E-mail Address (leave blank if no second administrator):

9. Create an Account Name For the Primary Administrator Login:

10. Create a Password For the Primary Administrator Login:

11. If there is a secondary administrator, create an account name for their login (leave blank if none):

12. Create a Password For the Secondary Administrator Login (leave blank if none):

13. Do you wish for this contest to be publicly available or private? (Private contests must be promoted solely by you by passing out the URL or linking by a website)

14. Select a character image to represent your contest (select one):

PLEASE READ! By creating a contest on OscarWorld.Net, you assume full responsibilities for the delivery of any prizes that you claim for your contest. You will be responsible for maintaining your contest as necessary, and will receive notices via e-mail when a new person signs up for your contest. You are free to promote your contest and your contest URL as much as you'd like for the duration of the contest. You will have access to your contest data through the duration of the contest only. OscarWorld.Net reserves the right to remove your contest at any time for violations of contest policy or procedure, failure to maintain your contest, or providing falsified information. A warning will be issued before a contest is removed, and the contest then removed within 24 hours of the notice being sent out. If your contest should be removed, the $19.95 fee will not be returned. This is a non-refundable, one time setup fee.

All contests created on OscarWorld.Net will utilize the same basic rules and logic as the main OscarWorld Open contest, and cannot be changed for a particular contest.

If you're ready to create your contest, just click the button below to go to Step 2, where you'll pay your initial fee via PayPal. Failure to pay the $19.95 fee will result in immediate removal of your contest. Clicking the button below marks your compliance with all guidelines as set forth on this page. (Note ... you will next be taken to PayPal to make your payment ... your process is not complete until you are returned to this application with your confirmation information). That page will also contain important information about accessing the admin section for your contest, and setting up your prizes.