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Why do I love the Academy Awards so much?   It's simple ... because I love movies so much.   The Academy Awards are the only awards show that are solely devoted to honoring the entire craft of filmmaking.  It's the one major night each year when the majority of the film community is gathered together to celebrate excellence in one of the greatest art forms there is.   It's the rare evening when aspiring and struggling short film makers, unsung film editors, visual effects artists, and the biggest stars in the world can all share the same stage for a few hours.   Are the Academy Awards perfect?  Of course not.   Have they made some terrible choices?   Of course they have.  But regardless of their choices, the Academy Award remains the pinnacle of achievement for anyone making movies, and has also marked the history of film, all the way from 1927 when talking pictures were making their debut, and they continue to this day to celebrate and honor the craft of filmmaking.  Just like motion pictures, the Oscars mark moments in time.   Just as certain films can bring back memories of the people we saw the films with, and what was going on in our lives at the time we experienced them, the Academy Awards also mark moments in time, based on the events in the world at the time, the popular and respected stars and directors of their times, and more. Read more about the history of this website

I have loved movies since I was a young boy, when my parents first took me to see the original Star Wars at a drive-in movie theater. My passion for film ultimately led to my interest in the Academy Awards, and that's why this site is here ... because of my love for the Oscars and for film even more. This web site puts together historical Oscar information, but also is the place where I can sound off on my own personal film favorites, each year publishing my own ten best film lists and my own If I Voted For The Oscars ballot.

One important note about the years stated for Oscar moments, Oscar winners, etc. Every time you see a year for an Oscar moment or Oscar winner on this web site, that is the film year that was honored, not the year that the Oscar telecast actually took place. For instance, Crash will be listed as winning in 2005 even though the telecast was broadcast in March of 2006. A favorite Oscar moment from that same telecast would also be listed with the date 2005, as that was the film year being honored.

IMPORTANT NOTE! All videos linked on this site are hosted either by the Academy on their YouTube channel or other YouTube video providers. They are not hosted and were not copied to my site.



The Academy & ABC today announced the 93rd Oscars ceremony will move to Sunday, April 25, 2021, as a result of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19

Announced today, beginning with the 94th Academy Awards (2021), the Best Picture category will be set at 10 nominees, rather than a fluctuating number of nominations from year to year. The Academy will also implement a quarterly viewing process through the Academy Screening Room, the streaming site for Academy members, also starting with the 94th Academy Awards. By making it possible for members to view films released year-round, the Academy will broaden each film's exposure, level the playing field, and ensure all eligible films can be seen by voting members.

Another major rule change for the upcoming 93rd Oscars. The Sound Editing and Sound Mixing Oscars will now be merged into one single oscar for Best Sound, reducing the number of categories from 24 to 23.

Major changes announced for the upcoming 93rd Academy Awards in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since theaters have been and continue to be closed for so long, for this awards year Only, streamed films will now be eligible for Oscars.