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A Word From Jason O'Brien ...
When one's obsession is the Academy Awards, I often considered it rare that I would find someone whose knowledge and passion for the subject would run quite as deep as mine. But sure enough, I found that person in Garney Johnson. He had been posting on the OscarWorld message board ever since 2002, and when I started up the online radio show for Oscar, Oscar at BlogTalkRadio, Garney soon began calling in. After realizing the wonderful dynamic that we had on the air talking Oscars and film, along with our good buddy Jamey Duvall, we formed a new monthly segment of the Oscar, Oscar radio show called The 3 AMovIeGOerS, a title which Garney conceived. So I was happy to have him add his written blog to OscarWorld in July of 2009, so more of the Voice of Garney could be heard. And the battle will continue as to which one of us is the better Oscar predictor ...