OSCAR HISTORY: Gordon E. Sawyer Award Recipients

The Academy gives a variety of Scientific and Technical Honors at a special dinner before the Oscar ceremony, and for film technicians and engineers, the highest honor they can receive is the Academy's Gordon E. Sawyer Award, given to an individual in the motion picture industry whose technological contributions have brought credit to the industry. Without their technical savvy and creativity, movies would never be what they are today. Here were the individuals selected as Gordon E. Sawyer Award Recipients.

2017: Jonathan Erland     (View Acceptance Speech)
2014: David W. Gray     (View Acceptance Speech)
2013: Peter W. Anderson     (View Acceptance Speech)
2011: Douglas Trumbull     (View Acceptance Speech)
2008: Ed Catmull    
2007: David A. Grafton    
2006: Ray Feeney    
2005: Gary Demos    
2004: Takuo Miyagishima    
2003: Peter D. Parks    
2001: Edmund M. Di Giulio    
2000: Irwin W. Young    
1999: Dr. Roderick T. Ryan    
1997: Don Iwerks    
1995: Donald C. Rogers    
1993: Petro Vlahos    
1992: Eric Kaestner    
1991: Ray Harryhausen     (View Oscar Moment)
1990: Stefan Kudelski    
1989: Pierre Angenieux     (View Oscar Moment)
1988: Gordon Henry Cook    
1987: Fred Hynes    
1984: Linwood G. Dunn    
1983: Dr. John G. Frayne    
1982: John O. Aalberg    
1981: Joseph B. Walker