OSCAR HISTORY: Best Musical or Comedy Score

In the first early years of the Academy, the Original Score Oscar was split into two, first just to honor musicals, since musicals were so popular in the 1930s and 1940s. It was then discontinued for several years until the Disney resurgence of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when they were winning the Original Score Oscar all the time. That separate Oscar would only last for four years though, before they became one Oscar again to the present day.

1998: Stephen Warbeck for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE     (Listen to Score)
1997: Anne Dudley for THE FULL MONTY     (Listen to Score)
1996: Rachel Portman for EMMA     (Listen to Score)
1995: Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz for POCAHONTAS     (Listen to Score)
1961: Saul Chaplin, Johnny Green, Irwin Kostal, and Sid Ramin for WEST SIDE STORY     (Listen to Score)
1960: Morris Stoloff and Harry Sukman for SONG WITHOUT END (THE STORY OF FRANZ LISZT)     (Listen to Score)
1959: Ken Darby and Andre Previn for PORGY AND BESS     (Listen to Score)
1958: Andre Previn for GIGI     (Listen to Score)
1956: Ken Darby and Alfred Newman for THE KING AND I     (Listen to Score)
1955: Robert Russell Bennett, Jay Blackton, and Adolph Deutsch for OKLAHOMA!     (Listen to Score)
1954: Saul Chaplin and Adolph Deutsch for SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS     (Listen to Score)
1953: Alfred Newman for CALL ME MADAM     (Listen to Score)
1952: Alfred Newman for WITH A SONG IN MY HEART     (View Oscar Moment)
1951: Saul Chaplin and Johnny Green for AN AMERICAN IN PARIS     (Listen to Score)
1950: Adolph Deutsch and Roger Edens for ANNIE GET YOUR GUN     (Listen to Score)
1949: Roger Edens and Lennie Hayton for ON THE TOWN     (View Oscar Moment)
1948: Roger Edens and Johnny Green for EASTER PARADE     (View Oscar Moment)
1947: Alfred Newman for MOTHER WORE TIGHTS     (View Opening Titles)
1946: Morris Stoloff for THE JOLSON STORY     (View Film Clip)
1945: Georgie Stoll for ANCHORS AWEIGH     (Listen to Score)
1944: Carmen Dragon and Morris Stoloff for COVER GIRL     (View Film Clip)
1943: Ray Heindorf for THIS IS THE ARMY     (Listen to Score)
1942: Ray Heindorf and Heinz Roemheld for YANKEE DOODLE DANDY     (Listen to Score)
1941: Frank Churchill and Oliver Wallace for DUMBO     (Listen to Score)