OSCAR HISTORY: Best Original Story

A discontinued Oscar, it was a writing award given to the artists who conceived a film's story.

1956: THE BRAVE ONE (Dalton Trumbo)    
1955: LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME (Daniel Fuchs)    
1954: BROKEN LANCE (Philip Yordan)    
1953: ROMAN HOLIDAY (Dalton Trumbo)    
1952: THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (Frank Cavett, Frederic M. Frank, & Theodore St. John)    
1951: SEVEN DAYS TO NOON (James Bernard & Paul Dehn)    
1950: PANIC IN THE STREETS (Edna Anhalt & Edward Anhalt)    
1949: THE STRATTON STORY (Douglas Morrow)    
1948: THE SEARCH (Richard Schweizer & David Wechsler)    
1947: MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET (Valentine Davies)    
1946: VACATION FROM MARRIAGE (Clemence Dane)    
1945: THE HOUSE ON 92ND STREET (Charles G. Booth)    
1944: GOING MY WAY (Leo McCarey)    
1943: THE HUMAN COMEDY (William Saroyan)    
1942: THE INVADERS (Emeric Pressburger)    
1941: HERE COMES MR. JORDAN (Harry Segall)    
1940: ARISE, MY LOVE (Benjamin Glazer & John S. Toldy)    
1936: THE STORY OF LOUIS PASTEUR (Pierre Collings & Sheridan Gibney)