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COLUMNS/OPINIONS/BLOGS: Contributing Editor Andrei Nita


I was born on March 2nd, 1980 in Rabat, Morocco where my parents and my grandparents were working in the African oil fields. When I was six years old we moved back to Romania and, because of the communist regime my parents had to change my place of birth otherwise I was in danger and I was putting all my family in danger. So, my birthplace became the small town Moreni in Dambovita County.

I graduated The Arts High-School and then I went to college studying ancient Greek and Latin. During my second year of college I started working as a reporter for the Romanian daily newspaper “Independent”. It lasted for six months. After spending all the rest of that year (that is 2000) looking for another job, in 2001 I have met the editor in chief from the daily newspaper “Cronica Romana” and he offered me a job at the Arts Department. I became their film critic.

As a film critic I was a member of two juries for The International Film Festival DaKino 2001 and The International Short Film Festival CineMaIubit, both taking place in Bucharest. I won the award for the best young film critic of Romania in 2002, the award for the best opinion article of the year and I was admitted in The Association Of The Romanian Film Critics that sent me to The International Film Festival from Berlin in 2002 to represent them in the jury of the short film category. In August 2002 I was named foreign correspondent in the USA. Now I am writing a book on The Academy Awards.

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A Word From Jason O'Brien ...

Andrei Nita was the first contributing editor to this site who volunteered to join our group. Based on his past writings of the Academy Awards, and his incredible enthusiasm, I happily welcomed him on board in October of 2003. I felt he helped balance all our commentaries even more, but providing even more of an international perspective.