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Welcome to Oscar, Oscar at! I am Jason O'Brien, creator of this web site. If you'd really like to know more about me, CLICK HERE.

I have loved movies since I was a young boy, when my parents first took me to see the original Star Wars at a drive-in movie theater. My passion for film ultimately led to my interest in the Academy Awards, and that's why this site is here ... because of my love for the Oscars and for film even more. This web site puts together historical Oscar information, but also is the place where I can sound off on my own personal film favorites, each year publishing my own ten best film lists and my own If I Voted For The Oscars ballot.

I have a couple of other web sites as well, but my most famous web site besides Oscar, Oscar is my web site dedicated to film director Oliver Stone, located at Like this web site, the Oliver Stone site was created in 1995, and has grown in rising popularity, still known as the only major web site dedicated to a complete study of Oliver Stone and his films. I was extremely privileged to make my national television debut in 2002 because of that web site. I was asked to be interviewed for the documentary Celeb vs. Celeb, which aired on American Movie Classics for the first time in the summer of 2002 (re-runs of the show can still be found here and there). I was asked to comment on various issues surrounding the celebrity feud that developed between John Grisham and Oliver Stone over the film Natural Born Killers, and the court case that ensued around two young murderers who claimed they were inspired to kill by the movie. It was a wonderful opportunity, and if you didn't catch the show, here are a few of the images from the documentary:

It also eventually led to me meeting Oliver Stone himself, in October of 2006 ...

But this web site is also for the voices of others. There are a number of interactive features to the site, including an online message board with immediate message posting, where we have developed a growing community of fellow film and Oscar lovers from around the world. As this web site grew, I also wanted to include the voices of a couple of others. My first contributing editors were Jim Pinkston, journalist and author, and Arkaan Semere, fellow film lover. I later added Andrei Nita, who loved this site so much he wanted to be a regular contributing editor, also help this site in a number of ways, not least of which is their regular articles they submit as contributing editors. And in 2009, I found a man who loved the Oscars just as much as I did, and Garney Johnson joined as a contributing editor after many years of posting on the message board and also as a regular participant and co-host on various episodes of my Oscar, Oscar online radio show at BlogTalkRadio. Jim Pinkston helped in a number of ways in the earlier days with new ideas for features and improvements to the site ... it's because of him that we have a Special Awards Nomination Lobby, for people to submit and support choices that the Academy should make for special Oscars. Arkaan began developing a fan following of his own on our online message board, not only with the posting of his extensive Top 250 list, but also with his regular work each year tabulating everyone's top ten film lists, giving us a consensus list for the message board. Andrei and Garney write regular articles for the site on film and/or the Oscars. For about four years, I used to write a regular column on the Academy Awards over at, but eventually had to stop that to pursue my own writing and film career. I was happy to find an opportunity to return to regular Oscar coverage with, and now I regularly host a weekly online radio show there about the Oscars and the movies, becoming the new perfect companion piece to this web site and its regular operations.

One important note about the years stated for Oscar moments, Oscar winners, etc. Every time you see a year for an Oscar moment or Oscar winner on this web site, that is the film year that was honored, not the year that the Oscar telecast actually took place. For instance, Crash will be listed as winning in 2005 even though the telecast was broadcast in March of 2006. A favorite Oscar moment from that same telecast would also be listed with the date 2005, as that was the film year being honored.

So we all welcome you to the website and hope you enjoy your visit, and make sure to participate in our many interactive features. And feel free to contact us with your questions and ideas.